About Us

My name is Debbie Baker. I am the owner and operator of Mother’s Touch Daycare. My husband and I, Paul Baker, have been married for 27 years. My son, Joshua Baker, is in high school and lives here at the daycare. And my daughter, Teesha Baker, lives in Kelowna and goes to UBCO.

I graduated from the Kelowna Okanagan College in June of 1991 with Distinction from the Early Childhood Educators program. I worked at Cornerstone Daycare (now Kid’s Corner Daycare) for a year and a half where I was in the supervisory position. I left in order to have my daughter and start Mother’s Touch Daycare, which opened in April of 1995. I love working with children; I find their laughter and happiness infectious.

Paul helps out with the daycare on a daily basis. He is here for the lunchtime routine almost everyday. The kids look forward to seeing him, and always ask where he is if he has to miss a day. Paul always has a great big smile and hello for the kids. He also does all of the handy work around the house. It is wonderful to have someone around full-time in case of any emergencies.

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